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Diabetes isn’t always a medical or emergency issue. Most of the time it’s a lifestyle thing. mumoActive believe that people with diabetes need better lifestyle tools to avoid low blood sugars and get on with the rest of their lives. Users can see when they last ate, tested or gave themselves insulin and make decisions about how long their insulin will be active for.

With that in mind for this project myself and the mumoActive team always aimed to make mumoActive feel like a lifestyle brand focussing on people doing stuff with the product in the background rather than centre stage.

The vision from the founder of mumoActive was to use the mobile device to enhance the users ability to track their blood sugar and then get out of the way so they could lead a normal life. By focussing on that one problem we designed a simple way for users to input medical data into their phone that could be translated into many more solutions for medical use.

We built a hybrid HTML5 app for iOS, my job was to design the UI and build the front-end screens throughout the app. For an HTML hybrid the app feels very native, with smooth transitions between screens and plenty of user feedback to enhance the ux. I also designed other marketing and fund raising material, a responsive website and tools to potentially be used inside the NHS.

Working with the NHS we used the technology we had developed to build dashboards for diabetes clinics and out in the field with community nurses. This part of the project showed where the UX we had invented could go. Diabetes is a huge modern problem so it was great to be designing solutions for genuine use cases.

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